Text sex line



Text sex line

Yesterday, as the Government unveiled plans to hand out mobile phone s for local bobbies and said that pupils would soon be able to contact teachers in the evening for homework help, a charity launched a sexual advice text messaging service for confused teenagers. It has never been more important to ensure that you dial the right.

The timing of the announcements may have been coincidental but it reflects the growing role of mobile phones and e-mail on ly untouched parts of our lives. The Government's trial of a plan trxt allow pupils to e-mail teachers outside school hours was criticised by unions, who said it was unreasonable to expect the profession to be on call for 24 hours a day.

Text sex line

They warned that teachers would be exposed to the risk of abusive e-mails from disaffected students. At the same time, the Home Lne unveiled reforms that could lead to people being given the mobile phone of their local bobby in a bid to strengthen community links with the police.

The sexual health text service is the idea of Brook, a charity that offers advice on contraceptives. The brief texts will include information about the different forms of contraceptive available, and where young people can get them.

They will also list symptoms of sexual diseases. Catherine Evans, a spokesman, said text messaging was a key means of communication among young people.

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