Terraria chat room



Section 0 - General 1 These rules aim to be a complete coverage of actions or issues that are not permitted here.

Terraria chat room

It is lengthy to provide accurate descriptions of what the rule is, and how it can be broken. However, in the event that behaviour is subversive, malicious or otherwise widely unwanted, the rules may not be used to counter such behaviour.

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A ban that is made of this type will only be created if it has either: been made clear to the player that such behaviour is causing trouble, and necessary warnings have been conveyed, or when such behaviour involves rare cases such as the use of bots or software exploits. When such an issue is not unique and is found to be repeated enough times, it will be listed as a rule.

The exception is when the griefer attempts to tamper the evidence before it can be properly collected. Other bans do not require proof. Only managers with direct orders to subvert a specific rule, such as to test the system, are permitted to then not be able on breaking that specific rule.

Terraria chat room

This rule will only be applied when it is clear that a user is trying to ruin an experience of another member, by repeated insults, teasing or other means. Thus, warnings given by non-staff members do not count towards any requirements for a ban when a rule requires them before a ban can be made. Terrarka 1 - Chat Rules 1 Spam Spam is not tolerated in the chat.

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An anti-spam plugin is in-use on the server to control spam while limited moderation is in effect, however, spam is punishable by Ban if the spammer shows no reluctance of future spam. It is not needed in anyway and is seen simply as spam. The same conditions apply to use of Caps as other types of spam. Such that a user sends 2 chat lines, each with only one Emoticon and tfrraria is considered as spam. Any person found being racist in chta chat will find themselves Banned. If you impersonate you will be banned.

Players are free to use any language they want, but our Staff is not required to understand nor speak any language other than English.

Terraria chat room

Profanity is to be limited and therefore having it in your name is in violation. Players will be given 2 warnings before being Banned. Unless before the warning the user has many violations. Griefing is punishable by no other than a ban and will not expire.


Protection is irrelevant in all cases of grief. It is only there to avoid having others break this rule. This includes but is not limited to blocking the function after equipping the related command s.

Terraria chat room

After use you may not enter PvP until after 30 seconds. This is strict.

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While this can be annoying, other players have the ability to do exactly the same and therefore using through-wall shooting is allowed. If you wish to team up with one or more players, everyone online must agree to it, not just the chatt s you want to team with. We expect users to exhibit a level of decency and respect.

Leaving the dimension or riom multiple times to avoid death, only to re and continue PvPing is unsportsmanlike and unneeded. Users who are PvP-logging will receive up to 2 warnings before being banned. Section 4 - PvE 1 Commands Most commands are allowed in pve. Warnings may be given, however due to the nature of the people using these clients, warnings may not be required, terraria chat room in cases where this affects other players in a negative way, to a degree of selfishness, then the ban may not be appealed.

People using any sort of Modications for PvP Advantages are deemed worse. Therefore, they should not be warned and instead banned. In other words, they must keep all things in-tact that the originals do except the art style.

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Unknown is defined as exploits that are not listed as allowed in the rules. Public posted exploits below are allowed. This section explains bans on items that may seem odd. Items such as bombs are not included here terrqria the reason is obvious. Item: Christmas Hook Reason: Creates light that has the capability to cause severe client lag Section 6 - Building 1 Buildings related to Racism Buildings which reference or otherwise are related to Racism will be removed without warning.

This deconstructs the environment and destroys normal terrain. Players that do this will share the same consequences twrraria actual griefing. You are only permitted one per terrariaa. Our experience only facilitates a person having a single. Therefore, duplicate s will be deleted and violation of this rule after a warning whether non-verbal or simply acknowledgement from the perpetrator that they know the s terraria closed will result in the purge of all of your s as well terraria chat room a Ban.

In the case of an having a Staff Position, it is not permitted and the Staff Member might be fired.

XP denotes earned Experience. Boosting is not earned Experience. Problems should be reported and should not be abused while they exist.

s that use bugs and exploits will be reset or suspended. Section 9 - GameModes 1 Classes Intentionally cheating items into a class-enabled lobby is forbidden.

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You are ruining the lobby. Players doing this will be banned after a warning. Such as standing at the outside of the arena shooting into it, or in the case of zombies, even being near the arena. If you do so, you will be warned, kicked, and can be banned. If you are found being AFK in random lobbies or where the users there do not accept your behaviour, you tegraria be kicked and may be banned if you keep doing it.

Terraria chat room

This includes, but not limited to, tricking players to give you items, deceiving players in trades, and lying to other players to gain an advantage. If you break this rule, then you will be warned, kicked, and possibly banned. If you drop an item for someone and someone else picks it up unintentionally and does not give it back, this is not scamming. You are expected to take precautions such as not trading near other players and turning on teleport protection.

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If you are found being AFK in survival without other players being ok with it, you will be kicked and may be banned if you keep doing it. Any non-potion buffs are not allowed. Refer to S5 1. If the statue spawns leave their spawn area, or a timer is left on unattended, staff can remove all wiring, statues and timers of the problem structure. Repeated offenses after a warning is bannable.

Any bosses being fought at spawn can and most likely will be despawned without loot drops.

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