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Echo (private chat)

In an event, you can hold a private text chat with another person. Right click on the name of the person you want to chat with and choose Private Chat. You can also select their name in the People panel and click on the Tools to manage people and room features icon. Choose Private Chat from the menu that appears.

Your private chat window opens.

Privet chat

This is a regular chat window. You can chat with this person as long as you want, drag others from the main event or your Contacts list into the chat, eject anyone from the chat.

Privet chat

vhat Closing the main event does not close this chat room. You can have multiple private chats in an event. Private chat history and use The same two people always have the same chat history.

Recordings and transcripts contain your private messages

The chat closes when both people close it. If a private chat chxt started in another room by the same two people, their chat history is still there.

Privet chat

Additional users who are brought into a private chat only see the history from the time they entered the chat. They do not see what was chatted ly.

Privet chat

There is no content, no audio, no video and no recording capability in a private chat. Everyone in a private chat can share desktops or regions caht desktops.

Whatever is shared in the private chat is not seen by others in the main room, only those in the chat so you can privately discuss and show something to one person without the entire room seeing what is being shared. Presenters and Hosts can turn off the Private Chat function for Participants using Configure room for participants in the Tools to manage people and room features option of the People panel.

If disabled, Presenters and Hosts can still private chat with the Participants but Participants cannot start a Private Chat themselves. Block Private Privte There are times when you do not want to be disturbed by a private chat in a room, for instance, if you are privet chat your desktop and want to make sure no one disturbs your presentation.

Right click in the People panel and choose Block Private Chat from the menu.

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This removes the Private Chat option above from the menu when others in the room right click on your name. Chat limits in a room There are a maximum of 5, characters for each unique text entry in the chat panel.

Once you hit this maximum, you will see a message like the one at right. When the new starts, you will see arrows at the cjat right of the chat area.

Browse with tor

Use the arrows to navigate back and forward in the chat s. Click the Save button above the Chat area to save the chat as an. Chat History stores 10, unique chat entries on 20 s. Once that limit is reached, you will see the message at right.

Privet chat

The next chat entered will cause the first chat to be discarded when the room is closed. If you want to save your chat history, click OK to close the message window and use the Save button to save the chat history to your local drive. Xhat is saved as a. The history, including the chat view entries, is saved as a TXT file to minimize file size and therefore the time to load it into the room.

How to have a private conversation with teams

You can clear your chat by right clicking in the chat area and choosing Delete chat history. Using Delete chat history cannot be prlvet. The following are the limits for chat: 5, characters are allowed per unique chat entry. The next chat entry made after hitting 10, will displace the first chat once the room is closed. Use the and next buttons to move through your chat s.

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