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FWIW, all chats are in Zoom this week. FYI, all chats have the recording option blocked for everyone's safety, and please be assured that this is basically chxts online gathering of friends, who may or may not be nude, who wish to enjoy each other's company for a nice time chatting about literally anything, as one might do if you met at a friend's home! Check it out!

London, Mumbai, and other places past the International Date Line will find the meeting on the next day. Excuse last week's shortcuts for the time and meeting, they should be correct here!

On anything you want to chat on, incl. Please write at least 12 hours before the events, as there's no guarantee that I will see a msg.

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Once the event starts, I usually do not have time to check myso don't expect a reply during the chats. This is just a time to chat about various things, including where you might find a nice place to get naked legally on your next trip somewhere. This is specifically an NSFW type event, as to you MUST have at least your face on camera, and are requested to be nude, but you don't need to show us more than your face, so shirt-free will suffice.

If you have your camera off during the first 2 men chats after ing, you may be ejected from the room.

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