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We chat about our favourite storylines, our favourite characters and tales of watching it with friends and family.

Cool granny chat

And now, as a year-old woman in Winnipeg, she still watches every night. It was a long time coming. For as long as I can remember, you could never call Granny during Coronation Street. And because we lived in different provinces, I would sometimes get the time wrong and granng would either not answer, or say that I was interrupting Coronation Street and to call back.

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A few years ago, she was quite sick in the hospital and I flew there to spend the week with her. I had to have more than one awkward conversation with medical professionals asking them to politely come back when the show was done. Since Coronation Street is on an Olympic hiatus this week, I thought it would be safe to call her and chat about the cobbles. Mike: How cool is it that we get to talk about Coronation Street now?

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Granny: When are the Olympics over? Mike: Do you remember why you started watching Coronation Street?

Cool granny chat

I had my fourth child the year it premiered. Society has changed countless times since the show has premiered. Mike: Why did you like it so much from the beginning? Most of the storylines wrap up within the month, which is cha all the other soaps.

Cool granny chat

Mike: Who are some of your favourite characters? She handles him well without being nasty to him.

I can relate to Ken on an intellectual level. Mike: What have been some of your favourite storylines over the years? Granny: They handle the topical issues very cht. I like Roy because I understand how complicated his life must be.

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When he married Hayley, that was a very important storyline grnny I think they handled it very well. Steve seems so hapless and hopeless these days.

Mike: What did you think of Kylie dying? They should have just phoned the police when they killed Callum.

Granny: That would be Hilda, without a doubt. Do you still watch it at night, or on Sunday mornings?

Cool granny chat

Granny: I watch it every day. Or I used to.

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