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You can say dirty words. You can do everything you wanted to do when you were 12 years old and were forbidden to do anything," says sex therapist and novelist Avodah Offit said in a recent Los Angeles Times article.

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This roomss aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of a psychoeducational intervention through the use of meta-universes, on self-efficacy in the use of condoms and safe sexual behavior, in university students. An open randomized, controlled trial will be conducted.

Dependent variables will be measured before the intervention and 15 days after the end of the intervention in the experimental group, in both groups. Students from first year to fourth year of different careers except Nursingcurrently in the Universidad Autonoma de Chile will be included after their informed consent.

Chat rooms condama

The psychoeducational intervention consists of three sessions in which techniques based on three of the four sources of self-efficacy described are applied. The first session is called "Knowledge about STI"; the second session is entitled "Use of the male condom" and the third session is called "Talking about sexuality issues". In the first session screens will be created with interactive information in which the participants wearing 3D glasses will select information on different types of STIs; modeled situations will be presented in which students will perform and at the same time develop self-efficacy in terms of knowledge about STIs.

In the second session four metaverses will be created, the first represents a modeled situation in which the participant selects an avatar, then selects a scenario between four risk situations where he concama a possible sexual partner.

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