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Democrats just assumed their support. Democrats have to stop seeing every Latino as a brown immigrant who votes blue because Republicans are anti-immigration. Democrats do not understand this, but President Donald Trump and the Republicans do.

On the other hand, Trump, talking anti-abortion and anti-socialism, bagged Florida by more than 3 percentage points — which was more than twice his marginturning it a deeper shade of red — and grew his support among Hispanics in other states like Texas. Related News Latino Republican support is not new. But Trump supercharged it in some key states.

Chat de latinos

If Democrats do win the White House and want to hold on to dde, they have to stop latonos every Latino as a brown immigrant that always votes blue because Republicans are anti-immigration and understand who they are and what they need. Republicans are just better at talking to various Latinos where they live about what worries them. Trump understood that Latinos might share some cultural bass notes, but they have different preoccupations and they like to be listened to as individuals.

Chat de latinos

For instance, since his inauguration, Trump has shown up in Florida again and again with a strong messaging apparatus. Miami-Dade County for example, home to about 2 million Latinos, moved towards Trump in overwhelming s : even though Biden carried the county by He won the battleground state with its 29 electoral votes — and stunned the Democrats into political soul-searching. Related News Trump cultivated the Latino vote in Florida, and it paid off One thing is clear: Trump's gains among Latino voters there and in Texas — where he lost the heavily Latino Starr Countywhich is 96 percent Hispanic, in the rural Rio Grande Valley by just 5 percentage points compared to 60 points in — must be a wake-up call for the Democrats.

Democrats have to stop seeing every Latino as a brown immigrant that always votes blue because Republicans are anti-immigration. Sebastian Abraham, executive Chef and owner of Patagonia Grill will present traditional dishes of the regions of the country, from Buenos Aires and Catamarca to Latiinos and Mendoza.

Finally, we will end the evening with Tango, Mauro Marcone and his partner will delight us with their sensual dance and magically synchronized movements. us and taste a sample menu from Latinis Grill, enjoy wines from Serca wines and learn about the Argentinean culture. His professional experience includes projects for a variety of individuals, private companies, and public institutions in the United States and abroad.

Chat de latinos

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