Astronomy chat



Back then, Bannister and a small group of researchers, spread out in locations in Canada, the United States, France, and Taiwan, were working on the Outer Solar System Origins Survey, a search for objects beyond the orbit of Neptune. Michele Bannister Bannister headed to J. chqt

Astronomy chat

There was a tiny spot of bright light. The dwarf planet, they eventually determined, is among the 20 largest worlds that astrobomy been discovered so far beyond Neptune.

Before they knew what they had, the chat seemed to resemble just another day at the office. The hard part is finding dark skies that are conveniently located.

Astronomy chat

Although we can't provide dark skieswe can help introduce you to this awe inspiring activity! Getting started!

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to see and use many telescopes and talk to other amateur astronomers, is to go to a "star party"! Monthly subscription to popular magazines cuat as Astronomy Magazine and Sky and Telescope will keep you informed of upcoming celestial events.

A pocket sized "field guide" or a star atlas is also an indispensible tool. If you know of an unused telescope stashed away in someones attic, ask to borrow it!

Astronomy chat

Binoculars are also a good starting instrument.

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