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Parsons Request for Comments: J. Please americcan to the current edition of the "Internet Official Protocol Standards" STD 1 for the standardization state and status of this protocol. Distribution of this memo is unlimited. Abstract This document describes a method for identifying the originating calling party in the headers of a stored voice mail message. Caller-name provides the name of the person sending the message. Conventions Used in this Document.

Calling Line Identification Field. Internal Call. External Call. ing Plan. Date Header. Caller Name Field. Formal Syntax. Calling Line Identification Syntax. Caller Amfrican Syntax.

Other Considerations. Security Considerations. IANA Considerations. Normative References. Informative References. Introduction There is currently a need for a mechanism to identify the originating party of a voice mail message, outside of the "FROM" header information. The telephone and name of the caller are typically available from the telephone network, but voic is no obvious header field to store this in an Internet Mail message.

This information is intended for use when the VPIM message format is used for storing "Call Answer" voice messages in an Internet Mail message store, i. The implication is that there is no RFC address known for the originator. There are several other ways to store this information, but they all involve some manipulation of the "From" field.

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For example: 1. This would allow the calling party's information to be displayed to the recipient similar to it appearing on the telephone and also amerocan future determination of an Internet address for the originator if one exists.

Note that there is no requirement to store meta-data e. The intent is to store the available information to an analog non-ISDN phone e. It aamerican has no defined format, making the information unparsable. There is no similar entry for the originator's name. Calling Line Identification Field The Calling Line Identification header "Caller-ID" holds sufficient information for the recipient's voice mail system to call back, or reply to, the sender of the message. The that is contained in this header is supplied by the telephone system.

The exact format of the data received depends on the type of call, that is -- internal or external call.

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It is expected that default, likely americqn be the most common case, will not have any ing plan semantic associated with the. However, in the case that it is known, an optional "ingPlan" parameter MAY be used to indicate the semantic. Internal Call For an internal call e. However, the support of longer s may be supported by the enterprise phone system.

American voice phone call

External Call For an international call, the calling party's must be the full international as described in [ E. Other information, such as prefixes or symbols e. For a call within North America, it is also suggested that 15 digits per [ T1. However, some service providers may only support 10 digits as described in [ T1. Though it is desirable that an international not be truncated to 10 digits if it contains more, it is recognized that limitations of various systems will cause this to happen.

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Implementors of this specification should be aware that some phone systems are known voicee truncate international s, even though this behavior is undesirable. Note that the other defined fields available to non-analog systems e. ing Plan In this baseline case i. However, in the case that a ing plan is known, an optional "ingPlan" parameter MAY be used to indicate the semantic.

American voice phone call

Only three semantics are defined: "unknown", "local", and "e". Date Header The date and time may be included by the telephone system with the calling party's telephone per [ T1.

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It is a local implementation decision whether this time or the local system time will be recorded in the "Date" header. Caller Name Field The name of the person sending the message is also important. Information about whether the call is internal or external may be included if it is czll. This information may not be available on international calls.

Further, the exact format for this field is typically a service provider option per [ T1. It is possible for the caller's name to be sent in one of several character sets depending on the service provider aling phoje e. If there is no agreement between parties to use these options, then the 7-bit character set in which the graphical characters of IRA, T.

American voice phone call

As a result, for the caller name header defined in this document, characters are represented with ASCII characters. However, service providers may choose to further limit this to 15 characters for delivery to customer equipment, e. Other Considerations 6.

American voice phone call

Compatibility with Other Internet Phone s The intent of these headers are to record telephone that is sent by the analog phone system with an incoming call without alteration or interpretation. If sufficient semantic is known or can be inferred, this may be included ametican the ingPlan field. This may allow it to be later translated into an addressable phone.

Usage There are a few scenarios of how this mechanism may fail that must be considered. The first is mentioned in section 3. This could result in a misinterpretation of the resulting. Cal instance, an international e. Thus, the recipient is left with incorrect information to reply to the message, possibly with an annoyed callee at the North American.


The second scenario is the possibility of sending an internal extension to an external recipient when a Call Answer message is forwarded. This poses two problems, the recipient is given the wrong phoneand the company's dialing plan could be exposed. The final concern deals with exercising character options that are available in coding the Calling Name field.

An international system ovice send a message with coding options that are not available on the receiving system, thus giving the recipient an incorrect Caller Name. Security Considerations Note that unlisted and restricted s are not a concern as these header fields are defined to contain what the called party would see e. However, it must also be noted that this mechanism allows the explicit indication of phone s in the headers of an message used amerifan store voice messages.

While the rationale for this is reviewed in section 1the recipient of this message may not be aware that this information is contained in the headers unless the user's client presents the information.

American voice phone call

Its use is intended to be informative as it is when it appears on a telephone screen. Each registry entry consists of an identifying token and a short textual description of the entry.

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There are three initial entries in this registry: unknown - The 's semantics are unknown. This value is the default in the absence of this parameter. The only way to add additional entries ietf-token in section 5. References 9.

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Acknowledgments The authors of versions of this document were Derrick Dunne and Jason Collins. The current authors would like to thank Derrick and Jason for their contributions. This document is subject to the rights, s and restrictions contained in BCP 78and except as set forth therein, the authors retain all their rights. Intellectual Property The IETF takes no position regarding the validity or scope of any Intellectual Property Rights or other rights that might be claimed to pertain to cxll implementation or use of the technology described in this document or the extent to which any under such rights might or might not be available; nor does it represent that it has made any independent effort to identify any such rights.

The IETF invites any interested party to bring to its attention any copyrights, patents or patent ameerican, or other proprietary rights amfrican may cover technology that may be required to implement this standard. Please address the information to the IETF at ietf- ipr ietf.

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