American buckingham looking for a tour guide



Hello everyone. If you want, I'll be happy to answer it for you. Well, let's see it's June in so that means it's quite cool.

We don't have summer quite yet, but we have an amazing blue sky with some gorgeous clouds. That's okay.

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I'm actually in front of the palace right here at the Victoria Memorial and if turn my camera like so you shall be able to see and. Victoria's sits all of her glory, absolutely stunning. That down very quickly in order to get ready for the next month that we're gonna the Olympics course the marathon right here. Well, they poll and hit her nose and so she got a nose job. It's Robin Ian Good to see you guys nice to see you now I ly spoken with the gardeners and the people that take care of the land here around Buckingham Palace and to the guys who who deal with fountain cuz see particular memorial is surrounded by a fountain, which is currently phone, which is empty and I have talked to them ly and they have told me that they have a very big of iPhones and sunglasses.

So they've cleaned them all out right out but there are still some right there in the basin.

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All modern so it's really cool if it was, you know old coins that would be fantastic but there you have You can also see that she's two symbols her power. The orb and the scepter and on top of the Orb is a a little statue that too is brighter than the rest of the statue because it got damaged. We've got one helicopter in the sky, buckingam is a proving some noise issue.

Parliament Square nobody was there earlier when I when I filming I'm just running around today. I'm working on a a whole little series about Aleda Ecu.

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He of my my favorite guys to talk about cuz he up in London so often and he has an story. Well, Buckingbam really don't know.

American buckingham looking for a tour guide

To say today, I'm going live here at Buckingham Palace. I just wanted to say hello, hope everyone is is well being safe. Oh, I'm very excited. I have a created my own little sort of masky thing.

American buckingham looking for a tour guide wanting for a man

Look here Hi fashion. Who is so I'm nice. And I tours like this if I still to so I'm so you're and if the Airlines will ever get their acts together in airports and the governments and everything we can all go back to travel and I can't wait to see you here in in London. Be safe.

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God bless see soon. Oh wait one more question before we leave. It's Rob good to see what London looks like it's gude so long. I buckihgham my my friend. I'll tell what I was worried that all my favorite buildings. We're gonna be gone, but no they're all still here. Matter Of fact, you know what before I leave, I'll spin you you and show you they have been manicuring. I was here the other day when the gardeners were out.

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As you know they often put a carnations. I I should say they put Red carnations up this time of the of the year right before the Queen's birthday celebration to match the coats of the the guards. It's all still here. Tour q alike. There's the yes, yes, from Texas.

American buckingham looking for a tour guide

How are you doing good to? I tell you what you know my Texas accent is gonna come We don't have any any flags right now M. It is just plain Jane at moment. Yes, they are do do you know once went lecture of the gardeners for the the historic Royal palaces and and somebody said that.

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The gardens in the sixties, they did plant not here here obviously, but that a very long time ago. They are ha ha ha okay. Well, I don't know what else to say I just wanted to hop on and say live great to see all you. It is it it is June and yet I like I said, had to had to kind of bundle today. It's a little cool and it's breezy but it feels great. Gonna off for now. I forgot how to off finish the button down there.

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