Adult women highland message in



Adult women highland message in

In Canada, a country that has imported the Highland Games tradition, female participation has been on the rise for a of years. Two leading Canadian female heavyweight athletes, Celine Freeman-Gibb and world record-breaking caber thrower Heather Boundy, said more women should take messagr. In her fourth year at university she took up shot putt and competed at her first games inwinning the women's section of the Heavy events.

Adult women highland message in

Celine says: "Once you break a few Canadian records, your name gets out there and the invitations to games start rolling in. She also competed in the Newtonmore Highland Games but this was in the men's division because there was not a women's section.

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As well as her love mrssage competing, Celine says she enjoys the atmosphere of the games. She says: "Breaking into the Heavy events community can be difficult especially if you don't know anyone involved. I was fortunate enough to have someone who was already throwing who could vouch for me and my abilities. Most putts today are an iron ball weighing 16lbs 7kg or 22lbs 10kg Weight for distance - Throwing a 28lbs 12kg iron sphere on the end of a chain Throwing the hammer - In the past, an event that involved a blacksmith's sledgehammer but today a 16lbs or 22lbs iron ball attached to a wooden shaft Weight over bar - A box shaped weight with a ring for lifting it.

The weight must be thrown over a raised bar Tossing the caber - Throwing a length of tree trunk. Usually weighs lbs 68kg and is 5m 18ft long, but weights and lengths can vary Sheaf toss - An event that involves using a pitchfork to throw a bundle of straw in a cloth sack over a raised bar 'Scottish games need help' The Scottish Highlands Games Association says it cannot put a figure on how many female athletes there are in both track and field events.

This is because in some events competitors just turn up on the day, and not all games provide reports on s of participants.

But a spokesman said: "The main point is that the female athletes are messagee much underrepresented. The year-old got involved following encouragement from her older brother Paul, who was already a regular competitor but who now races stock cars. After trying out in some of the Heavy events, Heather honed her skills at a training camp in Fergus, Ontario.

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Sincethe athlete has seen female participation in Canadian Highland Games grow. One of her favourite heavyweight events is throwing the caber.

Adult women highland message in

She holds the Guinness World Record for tossing 15 cabers in three minutes. It makes you feel powerful whether you are winning or losing, and I've done lots of both to know. This makes me sad.

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Caber is the hardest event but once you've got it, your good to go. Her husband Wayne Smith and their children Kimberlee, 18, and Andrew, 14, have all tried their hand at games events.

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